GREAT Upgrades, Super250, Autodl-irssi, Performance Based Allocation algorithms etc.!

Pulsed Media Newsletter

Pulsed Media January Newsletter

We have been hard at work to get many great upgrades & updates to you in the past month! We for sure started this year with a bang! The work has been largely performance related, but there is more to it than that!

Super250 Series

New Super250 Seedboxes is an update to our best seller plans, increased bandwidth, increased traffic limits! These start from Super250 S with 740GiB disk space, Full 1Gbps networking, and 10 000GiB Monthly data traffic quota! 🙂 Speeds for torrents are 1000Mbps / 250Mbps and all servers are connected with 1Gbps Full Duplex to internet.

This is an update from Super100 (and Super100 2.0) series, which has always been known for high quality, and always steady performance. Some of the servers even feature RAID5 data redundancy!

Prices are very good as well, starting from just 9,99€ ! Check out below for introductory offers as well!

Super100 and Super100 Upgraded automatically to Super250 for More Performance!

All Super100 and Super100 2.0 accounts has been automatically upgraded to Super250, and every account should have been reconfigured by now for the new speeds, new increased traffic quotas!

You don’t have to do anything, Your service simply Just got better! 🙂

Super20 & Super20+ upgraded to Super50 / Super50+

We did the same thing here as well! Our best selling entry level plans got automatically upgraded from 20Mbps upload to 50Mbps upload, and Super50+ got a traffic quota increase of 50% as well! Same price as always, same great service as always, just increased performance! 🙂

Performance based server allocation algorithms

We are collecting disk performance statistics from all the servers to analyze how they are performing. For performance as Seedbox there is 2 major factors: Network and Disk performance. Today we have implemented disk performance statistics based… Continue Reading

New higher performing servers

Based on the data we have gathered from the continuous performance measuring we have already begun utilizing new higher performance servers in France; These do cost more, but we think it is well worth the trade off. These servers are already online, and some users were migrated to these in the past month. New accounts are most likely to go to these new servers.


Autodl has always been fairly easy to install on our Seedboxes, but now it got even easier! We made a guide for You, and there’s even a script to do it for You!

Checkout the wikipage Installing Autodl-irssi.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts – Everywhere i see DISCOUNTS!

All of the following are valid for the next 2 weeks, limited quantity and one per user. Price updates on checkout page to the promotion rate.

First offer is; Managed Dediseedbox 4T or 12T; 5€ Off Monthly Permanently!
The MDS series offers a unique way to get Yourself Dedicated Performance, but with The Convenience of Shared server.
MDS 4T: Intel Xeon Quad Core, 16GB Ram, 2x2TB SATA in RAID0. 1Gbps Network, Unmetered Traffic. Discount price of JUST 27,99€ Per Month! Get Yours Now! 🙂
MDS 12T: Intel Xeon E3 1220, 8GB Ram, 3X4TB SATA in RAID0. 1Gbps Network, Unmetered Traffic. Discount price of JUST 67,99€ Per Month! Get Yours Now! 🙂

Super250 Introductory Special!
sweet sweet discount of 33.33% for the first month or quarter! That is Huge!

Super250 S: 740GiB Disk Quota, 2 000MB Ram, 10 000GiB Torrent Traffic; 6,66€ A Month – Signup Now!
Super250 M: 1 350GiB Disk Quota, 4 000MB Ram, 15 000GiB Torrent Traffic; 9,99€ A Month – Signup Now!
Super250 L: 2 700GiB Disk Quota, 8 000MB Ram, 30 000GiB Torrent Traffic; 19,99€ A Month – Signup Now!

Check out all the details at: and Get Yourself Some Of That!

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