August Newsletter: OwnCloud, RAID Seedbox, Disk performance stats

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Pulsed Media August Newsletter

We hope you have enjoyed your summer and had lots of fun!
Over here at Pulsed Media, summer aswell is very active period between vacations! Usually Finland goes completely quiet and many businesses essentially are closed for July.


OwnCloud is now supported!
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OwnCloud support has been added, and is being rolled out slowly. Currently new accounts get the setup scripts, and soon we’ll start updating existing accounts as well.

The setup is very simple, visit a link, few mouse clicks, enter few details, and let our script to finish the finalization – and you are done! 🙂


RAID Seedbox
There’s been some chat going on about disk redundancy in Seedboxes. So how does the landscape look like? Google search of RAID5 Seedbox yields pretty much no results other than our services!
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Disk performance stats
We started to collect quite precise disk performance stats. First week of data is here! These stats are collected from the lowest service to the highest, a significant portion is already being monitored this meticulously.
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Dragon specials!
You want performance, good value for Your money and redundant disk space for Your Seedbox? The Dragon series is your answer!

This month we wanted to offer you an first term 25% off special!
This is valid for any billing period up-to a year, so You can combine the annual discount rate with this special offer!

Dragon Temeraire: 2700GiB RAID5/RAID10 Disk Space + 1Gbps Up+Downlink + 30TB Monthly torrent traffic – 29.99€/Month paid annually!
Dragon Shenlong: 2025GiB RAID5/RAID10 Disk Space + 1Gbps Up+Downlink + 20TB Monthly torrent traffic – 26.24€/Month paid annually!
Dragon Toruk: 1350GiB RAID5/RAID10 Disk Space + 1Gbps Up+Downlink + 15TB Monthly torrent traffic – 21.74€/Month paid annually!
Dragon Mushu: 675GiB RAID5/RAID10 Disk Space + 1Gbps Up+Downlink + 7TB Monthly torrent traffic – 12.74€/Monthy paid annually!

These sweet offers are available with the promocode: 1508m-dragon25
Offer is valid for the next 2 weeks – limited quantity!

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