Use pyLoad on Seedbox

You may use pyLoad Filehosting download manager on our seedboxes as well. Putting in the basic settings is a bit involved, but at the end mostly pressing enter consecutively 🙂

pyLoad allows you to download files from filehosting services / 1-click hosters directly to the seedbox, and can download data autonomously 24/7.

First setup of pyLoad

Login to shell via SSH, and execute: /usr/bin/pyLoadCore
You will be represented with a long questionnaire, in the first step you just keep on choosing to default for basic setup. Overally change only the settings you need to change.
pyLoad first runpyLoad configuration 2

The highlighted green bits are important ones.
Choose a random port between 10 000 and 65 536 and setup login details for the web gui. After configuration pyLoad exits and you may start it again. At first it will update some plugins and ask to restart, just press CTRL+C to end and then start it again with /usr/bin/pyLoadCore

This is what you will see:
pyLoad first start

It will continue loading plugins like that on the background for a long time. You can also start pyLoad on the background with: screen -S pyLoad -fa -d -m /usr/bin/pyLoadCore

Then you may close SSH after launching it on the background. You can always get back to that screen session with: screen -r -S pyLoad

Login and use pyLoad web ui

Open browser on In this example that would be
You will be welcomed with:
pyLoad web gui first welcome
Login and you will be greeted with:
pyLoad web gui home page

As you can see, once again it requests for a restart as plugins has been updated. Here you can also configure any of the settings made on the CLI configurator from the config tab.
There is a slight user GUI mishap on the config section, it looks like there’s nothing to choose. Hover your mouse over the lower “menu” text and a popup appears to choose what you want to configure:
pyLoad web gui configuration ui

Now you are ready to use pyLoad and download from filehosters directly to the seedbox!


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