Why buy seedbox? A few scenarios

Why to buy seedbox?

Seedbox server
There are as many reasons as there is people using seedboxes. Here is just a few of many possible scenarios where a seedbox might help You!

So let’s see couple of reasons to buy a seedbox?

Scenario 1: Indie musician/game developer/movie makers etc?

You should definitively buy seedbox for cost-effective mass reaching publishing, and ensuring your content stays available! High speed torrents can be one effective way to publish your large content for download, unfiltered and unaltered.

If you upload to Youtube they will re-encode it to different formats and a loss of fidelity will occur, via a download you can ensure your content gets the fidelity you sought after. There’s now even torrent video streaming capabilities!

For indie game developers it can be means to save some bandwidth if your game is large, by offering your downloads via faster torrent downloads. You definitively should buy seedbox to ensure content stays reachable constantly.

Scenario 2: Vast blu-ray collection – but no backup?

Torrent seedbox can help you there to get your legitimate backups of your blu-ray collection, as a bonus you may use it as a “cloud backup” solution as well. In some, but not all countries you are allowed to make or get backups of movies you have bought, whether DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS or whatever.

Since most DVDs, BluRays etc. exist somewhere in the web as a torrent download, you can use these to get your backup without going through all the hassle of encoding etc. At the sametime, you can use this same server as an inexpensive place to store your backups. In this case it’s a complete win situation to buy seedbox server space, you get to store your backups, with 24/7 access to them and more convenient way to get your backups.

Scenario 3: Many devices and same data?

Since a torrent seedbox supports BTSync, you can get one to use as a 3rd party “sync server” which maintains a copy of the data you need to replicate across many devices.

Let’s say you are an artist and have an big collection of original PSD files, and you use a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, tablet and office workstation, you’d like to have all these PSD files available across all of them?

Then BTSync to the solution! Just setup BTSync for fast torrent sync on each device, and use a seedbox as intermediary storage. As icing on cake you can use Truecrypt to provide a encrypted storage for your data.

Alternative method: Read many, write once? Sync one time
A read many, write once case? Then just create a normal torrent file, use a public tracker and then just load the torrent on all your devices, and see how fast every device got synced! This is the way twitter updates their servers!

If your data is private, use truecrypt if the data is private, or password locked rar/zip file so no one else can read the contents if you use public trackers.

It makes sense to buy seedbox server, you get an always accessible, always up-to-date sync server for your most often accessed data for a low flat monthly fee.

Scenario 4: Maintaining fast to access distro image repository or a contribution to project

Some people prefer to maintain their own repositories of linux images and other that sort of stuff. This way they may access the image they need fast, when they need it. The swarms seeding these aren’t always the fastest ones, so it can work also as a easy contribution to the project. Hence it is easiest to buy seedbox server space.

All you need to do is to load up your favorite distros & flavors torrents, then you have fast FTP/SFTP access to all of them.

As a contribution to a project, service or something else? We’ve seen quite many seeding World Of Warcraft update torrents directly. Yes, they distribute the updates as a torrent to save on bandwidth costs.


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