Seedbox Traffic Limits? SSD Holy Grail of Seedbox Performance?

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July, the time for taking it easy, enjoying the heat. This is a time where, at least here in Finland, everything quiets down for a month.
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Traffic Limits, Rolling 30 days?

We have traffic limits set for most of our seedboxes, and this is rolling 30 days. This rolling bit is sometimes a bit hard to understand. This rolling means we look at the past…
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SSDs: The Holy Grail of Seedbox Performance?

Is it the Holy Grail of Performance? With SSDs as the storage medium you may be expecting always blazing fast speeds, link maximum upload speeds at whenever, and basicly going through your traffic limit super fast.
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Summer Hiatus

During the summer we are not doing many changes to hardware, service plans, software etc. This is a time for hiatus, to reflect what has happened over the winter, and to make plans for the next winter. That does not mean we have been just sitting idly around, but doing the very important task of planning, and choosing course of action over the next 6months or so.

We increased the traffic limits for all users on SSD Seedbox series (applied slowly overtime), and lowered the prices a bit. We also introduced the SSD 100G plan at just 6,99€ per month!


July Special Offer Seedboxes

Any Dragon series seedbox at 33% Discount for first month or upto half a year! Try out this high performance option for a bit, and see the difference! 🙂
Use coupon code: 1607m-dragon during checkout for promotional rate. Price updates on checkout page. Valid until 15th of August.

For example, Dragon Toruk with 1350 GiB  (~1.5TB) disk space, only 13,39€! Signup here!


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