New Managed Dedicated Seedbox – Series renewed!

We have renewed the Dedicated Seedbox range!
New server models, cost efficient as always and high performing.

The big change is that it’s now fully automated on top of being fully managed. What this means is that you can get your Dedicated Seedbox within minutes! It’s as easy as registering, ordering & paying, and by the time the login details e-mail hits your inbox it’s most likely already setup!

Some of you prefer not to share the machine with others, so this gives you a great opportunity to have dedicated hardware, and hence dedicated performance for you.

However, this change also changes the positioning of service slightly: No more Sudo / Root access. In order to achieve this level of convenience a compromise had to be made, and the service needs to be mass produced – especially for the price point to be achieved. No worries tho, you can still order a dedicated server with our software package preinstalled if you really need the root access! 🙂

Unlike with shared seedboxes, with the managed dedicated seedbox we are more lenient on per account configuration changes tho, so some custom configuration is possible which is not with shared seedboxes.

Comparison of service choices

Shared Seedbox is fully managed, fully automated, everything mass adopted and similar on all services. You share the hardware resources with other users on the server from 1:2 all the way to 1:24. The thinking is this will achieve optimal reliability. You will also receive automatically hardware upgrades etc. as computer tech advances.

Dedicated Seedbox is fully managed, fully automated, mostly mass adopted. No sharing of hardware resources, full & stable performance 24/7. Some custom configuration can be done. No automatic hardware upgrades.

Dedicated Server is self managed, non-automated, mostly custom software solution for power users. Full server power to you, but also the most work to self manage. Full performance 24/7. Fully custom configurable software. No automatic hardware upgrades.

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