The new M1000 Seedbox series

M1000 Seedbox… Not quite T1000? 😉

The new series M1000 has been designed to represent the best that can be done on a HDD based 1Gbps seedbox, with high quality network and good peering. This series has been tailored a bit more towards the performance side of the spectrum from the most popular Max250 series, more emphasis on high traffic volume than before.

We managed to keep the pricing very good and retain the annual discount, with another discount for 3 year signups. Infact, the price is extremely good for the specs.

Cost efficient operation

Just how did we manage THAT? By leveraging the cost efficiencies of running our own hardware, in a green datacenter. A lot of work, small incremental steps to achieve better efficiency than before has allowed us to create this new series offering with ever better pricing. Part of the equation is to only use very large capacity high performance drives, and part of the equation is to keep upgrading existing infrastructure with automation enabling a lot of things.

This makes for seedbox servers that offer very competitive configuration for the performance and capacity.

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