Installing Seedbox Software on Dedicated Server

Making a Debian 7 server into a fully fledged seedbox!

Our software setup is called The PMSS – Pulsed Media Software Stack – and best of all: It’s Freely available & Open Source!.

That means you can use it as well on your own server! It’s completely custom tailored for our own use, which means reliability and automation has been key features when developing it.

Installation is rather streamlined and quick as well.

Installing PM Seedbox Software Stack

Freshly install a Debian 7 server, just the base system with basic server software such as SSH. Recommended partitioning has separate /home, and even a 50MiB swap is sufficient.
Login to root shell on the freshly installed server, and type in:

wget; bash

It will ask several small setups, opening the vim editor. First one is hostname, type: dd to remove all contents, then press insert to open editing mode, type in your desired hostname and press ESC to exit editing mode, then type in :wq to write & quit.

Next will be ProFTPD config, for most installations, just press enter 🙂

It will now compile rTorrent+libTorrent etc. Finally it enters into disk & quota setup editing, find your /home device and after “default” add the line commented out on bottom, replacing # character with comma ,
You can use keyboard arrows to change location, and the same commands as above to save it.

After this has been done, it will continue on to compile mono, and other tools. This will take a while.

Final setup of Seedbox software

After all compiling has been done, you are back on root shell command prompt. Do your network configuration and whatever else you require.

Finally issue: /scripts/update.php

Running this will do final setup steps and verify everything, after which reboot server with command: shutdown -r now

After reboot system is ready to use!
Reboot is required for a test that everything is fine, and to enable hostname change etc.

Adding, removing and suspend/unsuspend users

Once rebooted, you may add your first user, type in:/scripts/addUser.php
You will be prompted with how to use the utility, so let’s add user joe with password abcde, 250MB dedicated rTorrent RAM and 100GiB of storage space:
/scripts/addUser.php joe abcde 250 100

It setups everything ready to go, rTorrent start may take up to 60 seconds.
You may now point your browser to: http://*YOUR-SERVER-FQDN-HOSTNAME*/user-joe/ and login. Everything is ready to go! 🙂

To terminate a user, use the command terminateUser.php. Suspend/Unsuspend is as well supported: /scripts/suspend.php and /scripts/unsuspend.php
You may set rTorrent traffic limit, change rTorrent configuration template etc. all this and more is explained in our wiki section concerning pmss.

Caveat emptor

We do not provide support for 3rd party server installations or usage help. The software is provided completely on a as-is basis without any warranties or guarantees. We will not be responsible for Your usage of the scripts or data safety. Use solely on your own risk.

If you need the support, you may purchase from us management service, or a dedicated server which includes the support.

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