Best features of managed dediseedbox?

You may have been wondering what differentiates managed dediseedbox, and what are the best features?

Managed dediseedbox is a dedicated server seedbox service, but unlike a dedicated server, you don’t need to worry about any of the setup, maintenance etc. of the server – Simply use it. This is one of the main advantages of getting such a service, we streamline everything for You.

Unlike handling your own unmanaged server, you get new features all the time without lifting a finger! Just in the past few weeks dediseedbox servers has been getting software updates which add features such as ownCloud support, Sonarr, BTSync etc. !

If there is a hardware fault, once again, you need only to notify us and we’ll handle it from there on, fast & efficiently. If the hardware has failed beyond the point of repair (ie. hdd failure), we’ll simply provision you another dediseedbox and add a few days to your service.

If there is an fault causing downtime, without even asking for it, you will get some extra days added to Your service. Most datacenters these days don’t give you SLA days easily at all, infact, it can be an arduous task taking weeks to get even the few days of downtime compensated. So You can think of us in the between a kind of very low cost insurance policy as well: You always pay only for the time you’ve had the service! 🙂

One of the most important features is that all the resources of the server are dedicated to You. No other user may cause you any slow down, giving you the Ultimate in performance. Always stable, high performance. You get the full disk capacity & performance, full network bandwidth, full CPU & RAM. For the same reason, you gain much higher security as well.

Summa summarum:

  • Easy & Turnkey
  • High stable performance
  • Added security
  • SLA Coverage: Pay for what you actually use
  • Updated software without even thinking about it
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