5th Year Anniversary!

Pulsed Media 5th year Anniversary!

5th year Anniversary!

WOW! Has it really been 5 years already? YES it has been!
The road has taken Pulsed Media from very humble beginnings to one of the most well known and established brands in the Seedbox industry! Some of You have been with us from the very beginning and seen the progress made over the years.

It has been very exciting with ups & downs like any business! Still remember the starting days when ordering first 14 servers from a French datacenter the thinking was “Wow, this is quite a few!” – Never were we expecting that in future it might be all in 1 days work to setup 14 servers – or even from a single sitting! We probably peaked at about 30 new servers being setup in a day, when Atom servers were a new & exciting thing! I remember asking from the datacenter if we could order a full rack at a time (was a no go). Never did I think I would get my finger tired from ordering all those servers one at a time!

That was just one of the many exciting and amazing things the road has taken so far, and we are continuing to develop our services so You get better experience, faster and ever more cost-effective!

Attention To Details

It is amazing the amount of work required, and the attention to details we need to have – So You can get new & better Seedbox services! Things like making sure every single rental/leased Seedbox server is used at 80%+ of design capacity, keeping “the machine” lean and mean, and well oiled. Paying attention to every single customer and that there is no unpaid servers running and upstream providers do not charge for non-existent servers etc. Yes, even that has happened, several times actually. When you deal with larger quantities of servers these things really do stack up unless you keep an eye out for them.

Puzzle Solving

Past 1½ years has been particularly interesting, with our own datacenter, setting up servers, building the place etc. Quite the puzzle to even deliver One seedbox server. Sometimes work could get halted by lack of the right kind of screw! Most screws you need are kind-of specialty items, so you just cannot walk to a hardware store – or even a fastening specialty store, and pick up new screws. Sometimes a small specialty shop would carry those, sometimes not. When you finally find the *right* screw, or so you think, you might find out the pitch is wrong or it’s too short. Both of which has happened!

When we are building those Mini-ITX platform Seedbox servers you need all kinds of bits and pieces to build them, some of which has to be custom made, or modified from off the shelf components. So it’s quite a puzzle to solve! At times, it’s fun, sometimes irritating when you need to get the job done.

All of that needs to also work well together and integrate seamlessly with good reliability.

Seedbox software updates

We’ve got quite a few things done in the past year, accelerating towards end of the year!

Software updates: We’ve seen quite a few updates and upgrades to the software stack being used on Seedboxes, let alone the beginning of this year, you can check the full changelog. Some things to highlight are:

Hardware and Seedbox Server Upgrades

We’ve done quite an extensive overhaul on servers, hardware setups and network over the year. The highlights are:

  • RAID5 or RAID10 on all 4 disk Seedbox servers
  • RAID1 on some 2 disk Seedbox servers
  • Utilizing Dell enterprise cloud servers with 1 or 2 CPUs, usually Opteron 6core + ECC RAM
  • 8TB Disks testing
  • IDS Switching upgrade, now the go-to model is Foundry FastIron Edge X models
  • Mini-ITX Platfrom Re-Engineering
  • SAN to Local disks transitioning

Of course, there is a lot of smaller upgrades & updates, organizing etc. We’ve done as well, small things like power utilization metrics, cooling airflow enhancements, even lighting we’ve done at our own datacenter.

When done right, with thought put into it, tested and re-tested, You get to benefit from the results when it all comes together! Hence, many of You have chosen us for the long term, many of You have been with us for years or have signed up for years prepaid! We sincerely Thank You for choosing Pulsed Media and for Your continued support! You are the reason we are doing this, and without You all of this puzzle-solving server building would not be happening.

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