Faster public torrents with Pulsed Media seedboxes?

You can make your public torrents much faster with one very simple change to settings with our seedboxes. Public torrents are nice for being public, but everyone knows they are flaky and speeds are usually low. Let’s fix that flakyness by removing downed trackers, and optionally adding another tracker. Adding another tracker is only necessary if your torrents generally have only 1 tracker, maybe 2.

A lot of trackers has come and gone, and we should mitigate the delays caused by having inexistant trackers on the tracker list which can cause rtorrent to significantly delay before seeing any peers.

This can be done with the rutorrent retrackers plugin which is already pre-installed and very easy to use.

Start by clicking the settings icon (gear looking icon) on top toolbar in rutorrent. Then from left pane choose retrackers.

You will be presented with empty boxes where to add the trackers to remove, and trackers to add. On the screenshot shown configured version.

Note:  never remove the tab for “Don’t touch private torrents”. Private tracker torrents should remain exactly as configured by the tracker admins.

Add to bottom window “Remove announces” the following list:


If you want you can also add a new tracker, we recommend adding this: udp://

That’s it! Fairly simple wasn’t it?

Contact us if more old, non-working trackers should be added to that list.


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