March Newsletter: 5th Year Anniversary! Seedbox Specials!

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Pulsed Media March Newsletter

Lots of updates this month! We have now started our own blog! All newsletters will have an archived copy there. Also newsletter format will be slightly changed for this style!

But most importantly – let’s get on with the News!

Pulsed Media 5th Year Anniversary!

WOW! Has it really been 5 years already? YES it has been!
The road has taken Pulsed Media from very humble beginnings to one of the most well known and established brands in the Seedbox industry! Some of You have been with us from the very beginning and seen the progress made over the years.

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Software updates: BTSync, pyLoad, Sonarr/NZBDrone, SABNZBDPlus and Megatools!

We added quite a few software packages this month! You can start using them rather easily via shell, read more on one of the following pages:

Seagate 8Tb Drives Benchmark and testing!

We have been testing and benchmarking the Seagate’s new 8TB Archive HDD, which features SMR, Shingled Magnetic Recording.

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Hotmail & e-mail users: Are you getting our e-mail?

We did an webserver upgrade and IP got changed – this resulted in our outgoing e-mail to have “brand new” IP address with any of the Microsoft e-mail services. As our volume is more than just a few e-mails they silently dropped the e-mails with no notifications to us nor the receiver. No, not in spam/junk folder neither, just completely silently dropped in their fight against spam. This includes support tickets, invoices, service activation notifications as well.

This happened a few years ago and was resolved by opening a ticket with Microsoft. We opened ticket this time as well.

If you think you are not receiving e-mail from us, you can view your full history in the customer portal at:

If you are receiving our e-mail, including this newsletter to a hotmail service, GOOD!
If you are still not receiving our e-mail, we would appreciate a quick notification, so we can add it to the list on the support ticket with Microsoft.

Adding sales, support and e-mail addresses to your contact list MIGHT help.


5Th Year Anniversary Specials! … This needs to be something truly special!

So we decided to go with 2 completely SPECIAL Seedbox Plans! Not only are these incredibly priced & performing seedboxes, you can tell Your friends you got this special seedbox service!

These will only be sold for a limited time! These will be on offer until end of this month.

Super20 Anniversary Seedbox
500GiB Storage, 100Mbps Download, 20Mbps Upload Speed, 5000GiB Monthly Traffic for Torrents! Unlimited FTP, HTTP, SFTP Traffic!
Monthly: 5.99€ ! :O :O

Super100 Anniversary Seedbox
2000GiB Storage, 1Gbps Download, 100Mbps Upload Speed, 10 000GiB Monthly Traffic for Torrents! Unlimited FTP, HTTP, SFTP Traffic!
Monthly: 19.99€ ! :O :O AMAZING!

Check all the details from our seedbox specials page!

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