Building Our Future: The Story Behind Our New Datacenter

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of hosting, the need for expansion is not just an ambition, but a necessity. We’ve long since recognized this. Today, we stand on the brink of a significant leap forward, one that has been years in the making and is poised to revolutionize the way we serve our customers, both dedicated server and seedbox customers a like. As we gear up to bring our second datacenter online in Kerava, it’s more than just an expansion—it’s a redefinition of our capabilities and a bold stride into the future of dedicated servers and seedbox hosting.

Datacenter row of racks

Our journey to this point hasn’t been without its challenges. The energy crisis of 2022, a watershed moment for many industries, particularly hit the datacenter sector hard. It was a stark reminder of the limitations we were facing with our current infrastructure. Our existing datacenter, while robust and reliable, had been operating at its maximum capacity. The constraints were not just in space or power, but also in the ability to adapt to rapidly changing technologies and client demands. Where do you build new things, when all your racks are packed to the brim? How do you scale after you have no more room for any more servers?

It became increasingly clear that to continue providing top-tier services and to embrace the burgeoning demands of our clients, a new approach was essential; Even long long before the energy crisis. A new datacenter, built from the ground up, with an eye towards scalability, efficiency, and the future. A facility not just designed to meet today’s needs but to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.

The vision for our new datacenter in Kerava is not merely an extension of our physical footprint; It is a testament to our commitment to innovation. And oh my, innovate we must! With this new facility, we are not just scaling up our operations; we are elevating the standards of our hosting solutions. We are stepping into a realm where the limitations of our past become the stepping stones for a future brimming with possibilities.

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This series of blog posts is more than just a chronicle of our new datacenter’s construction, located in Kerava, Finland. It’s a story of overcoming challenges, finding new possibilities, maximizing resources, embracing new tooling, vertically integrating, and relentlessly pursuing efficiency.

It’s about setting new benchmarks in the hosting industry and reaffirming our commitment to our clients. Join us on this remarkable journey, as we unfold the narrative of our bold new venture.

We are striving to achieve industry leading efficiency, by across the field combining skill sets and know-how; Re-analyzing every single standard, decision and nuance. What doesn’t make sense objectively, doesn’t belong here. Issues and problems are mere opportunities in disguise.

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