SSD Seedbox Beta testing!

SSD Seedboxes are under beta-testing and testing the waters phase right now!

SSD Seedbox can offer an extreme in disk I/O performance, hence always fast GUI, and newer having the disks as bottleneck for transfer speed. However, they come with one serious drawback: Very little storage. Tho this is changing little by little over time. Another worry with SSDs is reliability, and if SSD services are going to stay we are going to be impletementing most likely RAID5 arrays.

Hence, we are testing the service and seeing if the reliability as well as performance is finally there for showtime! We hope it is. If the beta works out well, we intend to do a significant investment on 2.5″ server chassis’s and 1TB SSD drives, the final version potentially bringing the per node SSD capacity to 6x1TB on RAID5 -> 5TB per node.

SSD Seedbox Beta Details

As it is a beta we reserve the right to discontinue the service at a anytime, but you will be eligible for partial prorata refund if this happens.

If we continue the service as is, you are free to keep the very low price point of the beta seedbox. Potentially your service will be upgraded by disk storage if we make significant investment on our own SSD servers.

There are no other limitations, normal disk bonuses do apply etc.

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