Slow roll out of updates

For quality control we do a slow rollout of all major server updates, the under laying codebase which controls and manages everything that goes into a Seedbox server.

We do this to ensure quality of services, if there is a regression it doesn’t get to all servers immediately, this way we have more manageable volume for which updates are required to fix a regression. More there are users, more thoroughly the software is vetted, as a developer it is impossible to check for all potential use cases. Real users come up with ways to utilize the software the developer would never imagine, as many users as there is, as many ways to utilize the service there is.

Now we are rolling out A LOT of updates, and some seedbox servers are couple months behind on updates. couple months of big changes! This means, sometimes a server update can take hours with a lot of software to compile, a lot of packages to install, a lot of packages to update, a lot of configuration changes to be done.

The latest software update of all is the biggest we’ve done in a single phase, with major changes. It enhances the service quite a lot with better performance etc. We are updating new servers with this release every day now. Several bugs were catched on the first updates, but since then there’s been no reports of regressions.

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